Valium 10mg

Valium is a benzodiazepine drug. It is used to treat anxiety problems, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal. Valium affects the production of chemicals in the brain that could be unbalanced and causing the anxiety problems. This drug can sometimes be combined with others for the purpose of treating seizures. The generic form of this drug is known as diazepam. It is available in tablet form for oral administration and liquid form for injection delivery. Here is more about generic Valium.

Sources of Diazepam

The commercially available formulation of generic Valium can only be found in form of orally-administered tablets. A generic formulation of injectable Valium is not yet available. There are various manufacturers producing diazepam tablets. One of these is BARR. They were approved to produce this drug on November 1, 1985. This manufacturer produces generic Valium in strengths of 2MG and 10MG.
Another manufacturer of the generic form of this drug is IVAX SUB TEVA PHARMS. They received approval on December 10, 1986. in addition to that, this manufacturer can produce diazepam in strengths of 2MG, 5MG and 10MG.
MAYNE PHARMA is another manufacturer that produces the generic form of Valium. This company received approval for production on February 3, 1987. MAYNE PHARMA produces Valium in strengths of 2MG, 5MG and Valium 10mg.
You can get generic Valium from a manufacturer known as MYLAN too. The company received approval to produce this drug on September 4, 1985. MYLAN produces Valium in strengths of 2MG, 5MG and 10MG too.
VINTAGE PHARMS is another manufacturer of diazepam. The manufacturer began this activity on March 31, 2006. They produce Valium in strengths of 2MG, 5MG and 10MG.


If you purchase generic Valium online, ensure that you are buying from a valid and reputable pharmacy. There are many fraudulent online pharmacies that sell counterfeit diazepam. Make sure to ask for advice from your health care provider before buying generic Valium online. Also, you can buy Valium online from you licensed partner!