Valium dosage

Generic valium is prescribed for different types of health
problems. Depending on the type of the health problem you have, the Valium
dosage can vary. The dosage given is also determined by the individual patient characteristics.
This means that there are some patients who might require higher dosages than others.
The most important thing is to make sure that dosages are not increased without
advice from your doctor. Here is the proper valium dosage for different cases.

Anxiety disorder management

The dosage given to patients suffering from anxiety
disorders is determined by the symptoms severity. The normal dosage is two milligrams
to ten milligrams, two to four times a day.

Acute alcohol withdrawal relief

Patients suffering from acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms
are advised to take valium. One is supposed to take 10 milligrams, three or
four times in the first twenty four hours. Then the dosage is reduced to 5mg, three to
four times per day as required.

Skeletal muscle spasm relief

To offer the right relief, a dosage of 2mg to 10mg, three or
four times a day is recommended.

Convulsive disorders

For convulsive disorders, the right amount is 2mg to 10 mg,
two to four times a day.

Geriatric patients

The right dosage for this health issue is 2mg to 2.5mg, one
or two times daily at first. Then the amount should be increased as required
and according to how the body tolerates it.

Pediatric patients

As a result of different responses to CNS acting drugs, the
lowest dosage of 2mg to 2.5mg, one or two times a day is recommended. The dosage
should then be increased slowly as required and the ability the body has to
tolerate. Children under six months should never be given generic valium.

Bottom line

Never reduce or increase the dosage without first consulting
your doctor for more advice. This is because valium might have adverse effects
if used in the wrong dosage.